when seals open their mouths, they look like someone’s just said something that they’re horribly offended by.

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Dear Sandi,

I miss you so much. I’m sorry I have not been good at blogging all summer. We’ve both been so busy and it makes me sad. :( I actually can’t wait for school to start so that I get to see you everyday during 1st period. Have an amazing last week of summer and I’m so excited for senior year with you.
Love you lots,

So a alot has changed for us. But thats okay, we are still the same.

true love

mustaches in school

Best Senior Prank <3 we will miss you senior class 2012

Dear Belen,

We haven’t been on here in so long! even though i see you every day we need to continue to share our love with the world.

You are dumb but your my favorite person <3

love Sandi

Sandi and Belen CANNOT wait for this movie <3 its the best book

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My dream

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sandi has contacts now!!! duhhh winning

This person is the biggest winner. Ever.

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best football game weve had all season. belen supports breast cancer!